SPIE Todai celebrates one year as a student chapter!

Full of activity

The University of Tokyo SPIE Student Chapter celebrated one year since its establishment on February 2nd, 2018. Our chapter was able to participate in a number of excellent events, including lectures, community outreach, and networking with other student photonics clubs. To check out some of the highlights, click on "activity" in the nav bar.



SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics) is an international not-for-profit organization of photonics and optics professionals and researchers, with over 19,000 members worldwide. The society organizes several well-known conferences (including Photonics West) and trade events, publishes a number of academic journals, and offers education and career opportunities for its members. 

Our chapter comprises students from the University of Tokyo. Our yearly activities include: 

  • Hosting lectures by photonics researchers in academia and industry
  • Offering community outreach events, such as giving laboratory tours to high school students
  • Touring company R&D facilities where photonics research is conducted
  • Attending conferences and events related to photonics research

Our student chapter goal is to provide our members with opportunities for career advancement, research collaboration, and meaningful lifelong connections with other lovers of light.

SPIE(国際光工学会)東京大学学生支部 理念

SPIEthe international society for optics and photonics:国際光工学会)は光学及びフォトニクスの非営利団体であり、世界中の19,000人の専門家と研究者からなっています。SPIEの主な活動は、フォトニクス・ウェストを含む広範に知られた国際会議や情報交換イベント等の開催、数々の学術的な論文誌の出版、また会員に対する教育・キャリア形成の支援です。


  • 産業界や学術界における光学の研究者の講師としての招へい
  • 高校生を対象としたラボツアー等の課外活動
  • 光学研究が行われているR&D施設の見学
  • 光学に関連する会議やイベントへの参加





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